Geatóir offers services to Families, Children, Family Law Courts, Schools and Therapists.

Geatóir offers the following services:

Geatóir specialises in the preparation of child centred reports, modelled on the Family Assessment Framework  which has been recognised as a model for best practice in child care cases.   The reporting structure used by Geatóir utilises the standardised assessment and analysis tools commissioned by the Department of Health UK, in line with best practice guidelines.

Geatóir was established by Deborah Nolan, a family assessment expert with extensive experience assessing families from within both the public health and the private sector.

Geatoóir and deborah nolanDeborah Nolan has over ten years’ experience working in Child Protection; including four years managing a family assessment team of eighteen in a residential based family assessment unit. Deborah holds a BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies, a Post Grad Diploma in Play Therapy and a MSc in Systemic Psychotherapy. Deborah has been trained in the Family Assessment Model and Safeguarding Children Analysis and Assessment Framework, recognised by the Department of Health UK and Tusla Inspection Services, Ireland.

Deborah provides comprehensive family assessment reports supported by oral evidence in Court proceedings. Deborah has extensive experience in child protection decision making, child care applications and care placements.

Deborah has worked with children from a diverse range of backgrounds, including
children living with family addiction, HIV/AIDS, mental health problems, domestic violence, suicide and loss, Traveller children, orphans and foreign- nationals.

Deborah currently provides Family Therapy and Play Therapy services to Statatory Bodies, schools and directly to families through private practice.  She also delivers professional training services to therapists, teachers and parents.