Family Therapy

Geatóir Independent Family Assessments provide child centred assessments in complex
child protection cases.

Based on instruction from the referring Social Work team Geatóir gathers and analyses information on the needs of the child, parenting capacity and family functioning. Assessments provided can focus on out of hours access, possibilities for reunification or a specific area of family life requiring further assessment in a complex case.

Assessments are based on the Family Assessment Framework and The Safeguarding
Children Assessment and Analysis Framework (SAAF). A variety of tools are used to inform and analyse all areas of family functioning, assess the profile of harm and impairment of a child’s health and development to date, the risks of future harm and the likely outlook for the child. Prospects for successful intervention are determined and clear analysis and recommendations are presented to inform child protection decision making.


Geatoir Independent Family Assessments receive professional oversight from a Social Worker and Trainer of the above frameworks with 25 years experience in Family Assessment and a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in Child Protection.