For Parents

It is hard not to worry when your child is struggling with something. We live in a society of labels and diagnosis and our news is flooded with stories that would make the most confident parent nervous. When one of our children is struggling, it is difficult to know what path to take and what is the best way to help them through their difficulties.

How can Play Therapy help my child?

As play is a child’s natural form of expression, therapy through play allows children to communicate at their own level without having to put their thoughts and feelings into words. Play allows your child to process needs, fears and wishes. It also helps them to address emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.

  • Play Therapy provides your child with emotional support, helping them understand their feelings.
  • It gives them the space to make sense of life experiences by playing them out at their own pace.
  • It can help your child to deal with conflict/angry feelings in more appropriate ways.
  • It helps with coping skills and social skills.

Through regular reviews, we hope to see improved confidence, a change in worrying behaviour and stronger relationships with family and friends.

Choosing a Therapist/ Service

My advice would always be to go with your parental intuition when choosing treatments and services for your family. There are experts in every area, and you are the expert on your child. It may not feel like that when they are struggling but if you are reading this page, you are already doing what you can to focus on their needs and find them the right support.

There are a lot of supports available that can be tried out at home before accessing a therapist, or while your child is going to therapy. If you would prefer to try some resources at home before introducing your child to a therapist email and ask for a parent resource session.

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