Due to the high demand for services, Play Therapy and Adolescent Psychotherapy referrals are closed until May 2021. We would be happy to recommend someone else in the area whom we trust. Most services have waiting lists at the moment but if you would like a recommendation email us.

We can offer one-off parenting sessions for crisis situations or for information sharing and psychoeducation while you wait for a service. Again if this is something you are interested in, send us an email.




Referrals are received from Parents, G.P., TUSLA, CAHMS, Schools. Send your referral or query to

Once a referral email is received, a meeting or a call is arranged with the referring body.

If the referral is for a child a meeting is held with the child’s parents/carer(s) if they are not the ones who made the initial contact.

Sessions are regular; Play Therapy sessions are usually weekly, Family Therapy sessions are usually bi-weekly.  The amount of sessions is determined by who is referring and what the family feel they need. For Play Therapy, we usually ask that we have a block of 12 sessions, for Family Therapy a block of 6.

We review our progress together, we do this as regularly as is needed to make sure we continue to address the concerns raised at the beginning and to track changes.

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