What is Play Therapy

Play Therapy is an effective form of therapy for children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties including depression, anxiety, aggression and issues relating to difficult life experiences such as abuse,  loss, family breakdown and trauma. It is particularly effective with children who cannot, or do not want to talk about their difficulties.

Using a variety of play and creative arts techniques Play Therapy can help children develop confidence and positive self-esteem.  It can help them find healthier ways of communicating and can promote resilience and coping.  As the child in Play Therapy is helped to gain control over difficult feelings, memories and reactions, and learns to deal with them more effectively within the playroom, they generally transfer these newly developed skills to their everyday life.

Non-directive, client centred Play therapy has its roots in Child Psychotherapy and Carl Rogers' Person Centred Therapy.  It has a firm foundation in child developmental, attachment theory and Erikson’s emotional developmental perspective.

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