Training and Support

team support and developmentGeatóir provides a range of training support and development packages for teams working in social work,  social care,  health and community sectors.

Combining the principles and practices of Systemic Psychotherapy, social work supervision and creative therapies,  these tailored packages offer a fun and reflective space for team growth and development.  Through creative exercises, teams are facilitated through self-reflection, practice evaluation and change support in a fun and creative way that engages individuals in self exploration and team development.

Group facilitators at Geatóir hold a mimimum of a Masters Qualification and currently  work in partnership with Tusla, Barnardos, Brothers of Charity, CAHMS, and other public agencies.

Facilitators at Geatóir have a background in Social Work or Social Care management and intensive child protection work. Knowing what it takes to work in these areas, we value the importance of space for teams to creatively reflect, access support and take a fresh look at practice.

Workshops work off an initial consultation with management which identifies the current needs of the team and the support most suitable to those needs.  Workshops are delivered on site or at a suitably neutral venue and full team participation is encouraged.

Leadership team and business group concept as an organized company of chess pawn pieces joining forces and working together united and as one in agreement to cast a shadow shaped as the crown of a king.

Geatóir also provides external supervision and team debriefing for Social Care teams.

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Some ideas for your team's workshop

What we bring

An exploration of the beliefs, values and ideas in the culture of a team and how this impacts on practice and the lives of service users.

Take Care

A fun and creative team support workshop, focusing on self- care, reflection and team building.

Remaining neutral

Based on systemic theories of neutrality, a practice based workshop focusing on decision making and finding balance and neutrality in practice.